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Discover 8 Tips And Tricks For The ZTE Merit Smartphone.

Discover 8 Tips And Tricks For The ZTE Merit Smartphone.

Right out of the box, the ZTE Merit Android smartphone comes

with a 2GB memory card which is not that much storage space.

It’s just enough storage capacity to get your basic files stored.

One of the tips and tricks for the ZTE Merit smartphone

found in this video is to invest in a memory card like the

Dane-Elec 16 GB Class 2 microSDHC Flash Memory Card with SD Adapter DA-2IN1-16G-R

which gives you the ability to store more media-rich files such as

your music, videos and photos.

Another ZTE Merit tip and trick you’ll get from watching this

video is how to use the micro-phone feature to record your text

messages instead of typing them. This feature will definitely save

you time instead of finding yourself typing your text messages

(especially if this process frustrates you). Just make sure what

you speak into the micro-phone is exactly what gets typed.

If you know anyone with the ZTE Merit smartphone, share these 8 mobile tips.

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